The Agent P Style Report is my fun and creative way to touch base with all of my clients and send you a different type of real estate report by combining my passion for style along with my profession in the real estate industry!

Each month has a different theme and check them all out below.

Edition 5 - Puppies and Pride

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the latest edition of the Agent P Style Report: Puppies and Pride Edition! This style report is all about celebrating pride month as well as showcasing all the adoptable dogs from Animal Haven, pairing them with my favorite dog friendly listings, and then showcasing some of my favorite LGBT artists and businesses in NYC. I tried to keep the outfits festive and match my look with each dog that is featured. In the banner picture, I am showcasing one of the sweetest dogs at Animal Haven, Roomba, who is blind and looking for his forever home. As many of you know, I am not only an agent for people, I am an agent for dogs who are looking for their forever homes. I hope that the awareness I continue to spread will get all these wonderful dogs adopted and encourage volunteering at local shelters! Also, this pride month, this quote from Lady Gaga pretty much sums up all my thoughts: “Don’t you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are!”

At the bottom of this email, please feel free to donate to Animal Haven or the LGBT Community Center of New York and spread the word of adoption, pride and love!


Sasha holds a special place in my heart. She is a sweet, energetic girl who is absolutely gorgeous. She’s been at the shelter for almost 2 years which is too long! Adopt Sasha!


Perdita is a beautiful dog who loves to play! She is such a sweet girl and would love to be your new best friend! Adopt Perdita!


Miami Max was brought to the shelter after being dragged by a truck in Miami. He deserves better and thanks to Animal Haven, the sweet boy is getting a second chance! Adopt Miami!


Totopo was rescued from Mexico after being found tied to a chain so tight he couldn’t lay down. Despite his horrible past, he is the happiest dog who loves to give kisses! Adopt Totopo!

Local LGBT Artists and Businesses this week!

Stream amazing original music from my dear friend Mila Jam on iTunes here!
Shop one of a kind pieces from friend Erik Magnus’ Vintage boutique here!
Buy amazing art pieces from my favorite local artist Joey Mirabile here!

Edition 4 - The Holiday Edition

Happy Holidays and I hope you are well! If you have been following along with the Agent P Style Reports, I want to first say “thank you!” The style report is my fun and creative way to touch base with all of you and send you a different type of real estate report by combining my passion for fashion and my experience working in the real estate industry. In the first edition, we did fun ensembles that I wear in different real estate scenarios. Then, we did the buyers timeline stylized which answered a lot of questions about the buying process. After that, we released the doggie editionwhere the focus shifted to showcase multiple dogs in need of adoption and to raise money for one of my favorite animal shelters in the city, Animal Haven. Now for the fourth edition of the style report, I wanted to have fun and do a holiday-themed Style Report! Each outfit corresponds with a favorite restaurant or activity in the city, and of course, my favorite building in the neighborhood. Check it out below and be sure to keep up with more of my adventures by following my Instagram here.


I love showing up to dinner and being super over the top and unexpected with my look. And yes, I love a cut-out moment when I am off-duty! I saw this piece by Marques Almeida and instantly fell in love. One of my favorite dinner spots is NIX in Greenwich Village, which is very vegan-friendly! Get the Bamboo fried rice- you’ll thank me later!


Going to the theater means you get to wear a festive look! Go see Come From Away, it’s such a moving musical and the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit of giving and gratitude.


My husband and I are hosting a big holiday party this month and I love wearing a memorable moment! I saw this metallic bomber and it was love at first sight! Paired with my favorite jewels from Dylanlex and POW, it’s a look!


I love going down to Brookfield Place in the winter because there are so many amazing restaurants down there and the ice-skating rink is never too busy. I was having a great time ice-skating before my photographer Madison caught me falling, haha. Regardless, I highly recommend checking out the ice-skating rink at Brookfield Place and don’t forget to channel your inner Adam Rippon by wearing your shiny sequin pants!

Edition 3 - The Doggie Edition

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful start to the week.

In this edition of The Agent P. Style Report, it is all about the amazing adoptable dogs from Animal Haven Shelter located here in Soho, NYC! If you know me, you know I am a huge animal advocate and not only do I help people find homes, I am an agent for dogs, too, volunteering weekly at Animal Haven helping them find their forever homes.

Since so many buildings in NYC have silly restrictions on certain dog breeds and set weight limits, helping my clients find apartments that match their dogs needs is a top priority for me. Below, you can see adoptable dogs paired with buildings that are fit for each breed and size! Please note, you can get more info about each dog by clicking on his or her name, which will lead you to their profile page and head shot! If you are not in the position to adopt, please consider donating to Animal Haven on their website link here. And of course, please feel free to reach out if you need any help renting, buying or selling real estate here in the city!


Mozart is just the cutest American Staffy mix waiting for his forever home. Look at his face! Since most COOPS won’t allow large breed dogs like handsome Mozart, it is best to go into a new development as almost all new development condos in the city do not have any weight or breed restrictions. YAY! One of my favorite new developments in the city is located in West Chelsea, which boasts floor to ceiling windows and a huge private outdoor space! I mean how gorgeous is this apartment? This buildings also is a close proximity to the West Side Highway dog park and dog run so you can take your big guy for a long run when you get home!

View apartment here.


Banjo came all the way from Puerto Rico looking for his forever family! He is a fun little guy, who loves attention and loves playing with his toys (he’s literally the perfect dog). He is considered a medium breed, so I always check the COOP house rules when helping clients who have dogs Banjo’s size because most COOPS have weight restrictions that dogs must be under 35LBs. Safe bet is going with a condo and one of my favorite dog friendly condo buildings is in Tribeca. Connected to the lobby is a Dog City, which offers cage-free day care, walking, overnight boarding, grooming, training, and veterinary services! Its not just a forever home, it’s a forever spa for the lucky pup that ends up moving in here!

View apartment here.


Boo Boo is just the sweetest senior pup with limited sight, waiting for the perfect person to allow him to join their family! Boo Boo is considered a small dog (he’s a tiny 4 pounds) so even the strictest coops make exceptions for dogs as small as Boo Boo. One of my favorite COOPS is this gorgeous Gramercy Park apartment that comes with a coveted key to the exclusive park. When you and your pup have cabin fever, you can take a nice stroll through the park where both you and your dog will live your best life!

View apartment here.

Edition 2 - The Buyer's Guideline

I am so excited to share the most recent style report! This week, we are going through the buyer’s timeline, what you need to know throughout the process and my favorite looks in each step! Check it out below and please feel free to contact me to discuss any of your real estate needs and start the search for your NYC apartment with me.

Meeting You For Coffee To Talk About Your Real Estate Needs​

The first step on the buyer’s timeline is meeting with my clients to discuss what they are actually looking for in their new NYC apartment.  One of my biggest jobs is to be sure to set the expectations and really get a great understanding on what they are looking for.  The two main things to have prepared are the Rebny Financial Form (don’t worry, I’ll go over this with you when we meet up) and your pre-approval letter if financing (and don’t worry here either, I have the best lenders at all the major banks here to share with you!)  We will also discuss if COOPS, Condos or both fit your needs and budget.

I like to wear something fun and unique when meeting clients in the initial phase of the search because the search is supposed to be fun and no stress. This OAK jumpsuit is one of my favorite pieces from their new collection, so comfortable and chic at the same time!

Wearing: Oak Cotton Jumpsuit with Maison Margiela Backpack, Prada Robot Keychain

Seeing the apartments!

This is the fun part, seeing all the great apartments that match my clients criteria. In the apartments we view, we don’t just see the apartment and leave.  If there is time, I like to point out some of my favorite spots on the block or in the neighborhood so my clients get a good understanding for the street they may potentially be living on.  Most of the time, we see multiple apartments in one appointment, so comfort is key.  This Chin Men’s polo and chunky Juun J. sneaker is one of my favorite appointment looks.

Walkthrough and Closing!

Yay, we found your dream NYC apartment and we have the walkthrough and closing scheduled. At the walkthrough, I have a punch list of over 30 items to check off to make sure we are ready for closing. Before the closing, your real estate attorney will be sure to go over all the closing costs required for the apartment and what is needed prior to closing and what is needed the day of.  I have the best real estate attorneys on deck and I look forward to sharing them with you so you are prepared for an easy and smooth closing.

Closings are a special occasion, so I like to make my closing look a bit more unique than a traditional suit and tie.  My go-to look is a Vetements oversized shirt with a great track pant and high top.

Edition 1

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to share and introduce this monthly style email! As many of you know, I used to own a clothing store before launching my successful career in real estate and I’ve been thinking of a great way to mesh my history with fashion and relate it to real estate. I am so happy to announce a monthly “Agent P Style Report” which shows some of my favorites looks that I wear to certain situations in my real estate career! Best part, you can shop each look directly under each picture in the email! Be sure to follow my Instagram @PhillipOwenSalem to see an even wider variety. Hope you enjoy and I look forward to helping you or any friends, family or colleagues looking to buy, sell, or rent in NYC. I am a quick call away!

The Sunday Open House Look

Sundays are meant to be casual. Whenever I meet with clients on Sundays or host my own open houses, clients are usually more relaxed, not rushing out from work and generally have a more laid-back demeanor. My approach is the same, so my outfit choice emulates that. I like to wear casual oversized shirts, cropped pants, and high-top sneakers. No need for a big bag, so I go for a smaller bag to hold my essentials (Pack of Red Twizzlers, gum, pen, business cards).

Thursday Daytime Showings

Even though Fall is approaching, daytime appointments this month can get HOT, so I opt for a fun, yet professional look (yes, shorts can be professional if done right!). I usually go out to dinner with my husband after a day of appointments on Thursday nights, so I want to be sure I am wearing a look that I can comfortably wear to dinner!

Listing Pitch

I want to look professional, but not uptight, for every listing pitch I go on. I have never been one to wear a suit and tie EVER, so I made my own version of that. I like exaggerated hems that are not basic and shirts that have a bit more detail than a typical button up. Throw on an earring and I am good to go.