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The Home Buying Timeline

Acquiring real estate in New York City is daunting. But, don’t fear! Phillip will guide you every step of the way until you move into your dream property – of course, at the best possible price!

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Work with Phillip to complete an asset and liability form, find a mortgage professional and real estate attorney, and get a loan pre-approval, if you’re obtaining financing.


TIP: Your offer will appear stronger if your loan is from a reputable lending institution with a local presence in New York City.






Phillip will start by gaining an understanding of your needs and criteria, then curate a search including every relevant property on and off the market.


TIP: Establish 3-4 things you cannot live without. It will help you focus on what’s important!




Phillip will craft the most powerful offer by analyzing market conditions, buyer demand, and uncovering the seller’s motivations.


TIP: Create your bio and love letter to a potential seller to make your offer as compelling as possible!




Phew! Your offer was accepted… but don’t buy window treatments just yet! Now Phillip and the seller’s agent prepare a deal sheet for the attorneys to develop a contract.


TIP: Multiple offers can be accepted, but only one wins! Preparing your foundation at the start can help you beat the competition!




Your attorney will review the history of the building to ensure that it’s in sound condition, both physically and fiscally.


TIP: The attorney typically spends 5-10 business days conducting due diligence.





The moment has come for you to put your money where your heart is. Be prepared to put 10% down when you sign the contract, which commits you to the property, subject to certain conditions. As soon as both you and the seller have signed the contract, it will be sent to the mortgage lender.





The mortgage lender will confirm your income, assets, and credit. They will also collect information about the financial status of the building and arrange for a property appraisal. Once approved (which takes approximately three weeks), you’ll be issued a mortgage commitment.


TIP: The board will not review your application without the mortgage commitment letter





This is one of the steps where buyers are beyond thankful that they have an agent. Phillip will compile your board package, which is a lengthy, complicated, and risky process.


TIP: Most co-ops will invite prospective buyers to a board interview after reviewing their board package. Phillip can coach you beforehand to ensure you put your best foot forward in the interview.






On closing day, you, Phillip, and the listing agent will do a final inspection to ensure everything is in working order.


TIP: Take pictures of any discrepancies and send them to your attorney. And don’t forget to check the outlets!




It’s time to sign on the dotted line! Your attorney will send you a copy of everything you’ve signed at closing.


TIP: Bring your photo ID and checks.




Phillip will guide you through every step of the buying journey, can save you thousands by negotiating on your behalf, and will ensure that the process is as seamless and efficient as possible.


Buying Survey

Let Phillip Know The Criteria For Your New Home


Buying Survey

Let Phillip Know The Criteria For Your New Home


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Phillip deepened his passion for client relations, bringing his expertise in luxury retail to real estate with Compass. Phillip, constantly striving to go above and beyond, utilizes his extensive knowledge and trained instincts to create a smooth and memorable journey when finding or selling a home. Nothing brings him more happiness than fulfilling a client’s vision.

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