The Agent P Show

A New Type of Visual Podcast : Introducing "The Agent P Show," a groundbreaking and inspiring visual and audio podcast where influential figures from Phillip's life delve into a myriad of topics relevant to each guest.

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The Trailer for 'The Agent P Show'

On this teaser episode of "The Agent P Show" get a glimpse into Phillip Salem's new show! From real estate to challenging gender norms, advocating for animal adoption, and championing trans rights, the discussions cover a broad spectrum. Guests range from Robert Reffkin, the CEO of Compass, to Lindsi Lane, a social media influencer, and singer/songwriter Mila Jam, among others. Season 1 is dedicated to engaging in high-level conversations with influential individuals in a welcoming space where all voices are welcomed! Join Agent P as they lead discussions on pressing issues and celebrate diverse perspectives. Visualize the podcast on YouTube or Instagram and listen wherever podcasts are streamed!

Work With Phillip

Phillip deepened his passion for client relations, bringing his expertise in luxury retail to real estate with Compass. Phillip, constantly striving to go above and beyond, utilizes his extensive knowledge and trained instincts to create a smooth and memorable journey when finding or selling a home. Nothing brings him more happiness than fulfilling a client’s vision.

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