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Early to list. Early to sell. Only with Compass Private Exclusivities.

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Sell your home, keep your privacy

Listing your home as a private exclusive allows you to control what information is shared about you and your home while still getting exposure to top agents at Compass.


What to expect


A private exclusive listing is an off-market home that can be shared by a Compass agent directly with their colleagues and their buyers. Property details aren’t disseminated widely and won’t appear on public home search websites.




Privacy is the ultimate commodity and the decision to sell your home is a personal one.


Decide when to share details about your home, including price, more broadly on your own timing.


Retain exposure to Compass agents, including premium placement on our agent facing platform.


Get the best offer by testing the market privately to gather key insights without your listing getting stale.


Reasons why you might choose to sell your home as a private exclusive:


  • New job or relocation
  • Family changes like marriage or divorce
  • Evolving financial circumstances
  • Health issues
  • Valuable belongings like art or furniture
  • Opposition to holding open houses



Phillip was professional, proactive and positive - the epitome of a fantastic agent. He cared about us and kept our needs in mind. He was our advocate when we needed one in a bidding situation and was with us every step of the way. He even recommended to us a few helpful 3rd parties (e.g. handy-men, furniture stores, movers that he trusts). I've never met a more responsive human, always ready willing and able to help. I would recommend Phillip as an agent and call him model for human kindness. I would recommend him to my family and friends without reservation and hope he has success and serves as a model for other aspiring real estate professionals.

- Courtney



The Compass Private Exclusive program is not available in all markets including the Greater Seattle area and in some markets, agents may not be able to see all Private Exclusives. Where the program is available, pre-marketing and listing strategies are independently determined by the client. Compass does not recommend one particular strategy or guarantee results. In New York City, agents cannot promote the program, however, the option is available if sellers independently inquire.


Work With Phillip

Phillip deepened his passion for client relations, bringing his expertise in luxury retail to real estate with Compass. Phillip, constantly striving to go above and beyond, utilizes his extensive knowledge and trained instincts to create a smooth and memorable journey when finding or selling a home. Nothing brings him more happiness than fulfilling a client’s vision.

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