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The Style Report 3 Things With Agent P

Wealthy New Yorkers are Ditching Townhouses for Doorman Buildings

05/9/24   |   The Daily Mail

New Yorkers in the top one percent are leaving their townhouses and gravitating towards doorman buildings as crime continues to rise in Manhattan

The 17 Best Real Estate Accounts

05/9/24   |   Luxury Presence

At Luxury Presence, we know social media is an effective tool for building your real estate brand and positioning yourself as a market leader.

How Much Would Barbie’s Dreamhouse Sell for in Real Life?

08/21/23   |   U.S. News

Barbie's ready to list her famed Dreamhouse. How much can she expect to get for it?

What Would These Iconic NYC TV SHOW Apartments Cost Today

06/24/23   |   The Real Deal

TRD asked brokers to take their best educated guesses.

Inside the Annual Brokerage Rankings

04/11/23   |   The Real Deal

Under the hood of The Real Deal, RealTrends and RISMedia lists.

Compass' Phillip Salem Shares Their Path From Fashion to Real Estate

01/23/23   |   Inman

Ahead of a 1st Inman Connect New York appearance, Salem shares their journey from budding fashion mogul to real estate dynamo and the power of authenticity amid a changing market.

5 Reasons Home Sales Keep Falling Through — and How Sellers Can Prevent It

10/13/22   |   Money

According to real estate brokerage Redfin, over 15% of home purchase agreements in August fell through — up from just 12% a year ago and the second-highest point on record (it was 17% in the early months of the pandemic).

Baking Cookies and Bread? Open Houses Are Back in Force, Here’s How Sellers Should Prepare in a Covid World

09/8/22   |   Mansion Global

Cleanliness can’t be overstated and many home buyers are still uneasy about finger foods or even lingering too long in someone else’s house.

Hudson Square, Manhattan: No Longer a ‘No-Man’s Land in SoHo’

09/6/22   |   The New York Times

The West Side neighborhood once known as the printing district is now the site of lots of new development. But housing is still slightly less expensive than in nearby areas.

Worth the price of admission: Private clubs offer brokers ritzy possibilities

08/25/22   |   The Real Deal

Agents say members-only outposts offer networking, social clout.

He Wanted a New Condo (With a Bathroom Sink) for Less Than $1 Million. These Were His Options.


Feeling not "established enough for a co-op board," an East Village renter searched one-bedroom apartments in newer buildings. By the time he found one, it was a home for two.

History and Hypocrisy: What the "Gay" Ear Piercing Means in 2022


Seldom does a trend these days stick around for longer than a few weeks before a neologism replaces the one before it, permeating the halls of TikTok or Instagram and causing all of us to second guess what was once considered mainstream — only to then swap a coveted wardrobe staple for the latest passing fad.

Streeteasy to Ban Listings, Rather Than Agents, That Break Its Rules

03/21/22   |   The Real Deal

Platform reduces penalty after backlash over exclusivity policy.

7 Home Features That Get a Bad Rap in the Real Estate World

02/8/22   |   Apartment Therapy

I’m currently house hunting. I compromised on my current apartment (which I love) by choosing a place with no central air — instead it’s radiators and window units.

Nyers Doping Pets, Using Doggie Stunt Doubles to Get Past Co-op Boards

01/20/22   |   New York Post

For the first 30 minutes of the co-op board interview, the Frenchton — a mix between a Boston terrier and a French bulldog — was a little angel.

More Home Sellers Are Using Security Cameras to Spy on Buyers During Showings

01/14/22   |   Money

Homebuyers have more to worry about than just skyrocketing home prices and rising interest rates.

How to Determine the Perfect Offer on a House in Any Market

09/30/21   |   Next Advisor

If you’re a buyer in this red-hot seller’s market, how can you figure out how much to offer so you can snag your dream home without overpaying?

Bye-bye Buy: Why Loads of Rich New Yorkers Are Still Renting

09/16/21   |   New York Post

These New Yorkers pay the mortgage on a seven-figure home every month — but they don’t own real estate.

Inside Agent Phillip Salem's Half Birthday Party

08/30/21   |   Off The MRKT

Powerhouse Compass agent Phillip Salem, affectionately referred to as “Agent P”, recently hosted a celebration with family, friends, clients, and colleagues at Glasshouse Chelsea in NYC for his inaugural half-birthday event.

5 Free Things You Can Do Today to Get Ready to Buy a Home

08/16/21   |   Apartment Therapy

There are still things you can start doing today to help you on your path to becoming a homeowner.

Low Inventory Causes Desperate House Hunters to Make Offers on Homes Not for Sale

07/30/21   |

According to agents, unsolicited offers are on the rise, as house hunters struggle to find affordable properties.

House Hunters Are Making Offers on Homes Not Even for Sale

07/30/21   |

According to agents, unsolicited offers are on the rise, as house hunters struggle to find affordable properties in a market plagued by rising prices, low supply and bitter competition.

Celebrity Real Estate: Ariana Grande Former NYC Apartment Sells

07/22/21   |

A posh apartment once reportedly rented by the pop singer Ariana Grande and her former boyfriend, “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson, has been snapped up for $13.5 million.

Switching Positions: Ariana Grande Former NYC Apartment Sells

07/22/21   |   Haute Residence

The posh apartment in West Chelsea, New York City once home to pop princess Ariana Grande and “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson has found a new owner for $13.5 million.

Ariana Grande Former NYC Apartment With Pete Davidson Sells

07/20/21   |

Just like magic, the luxurious apartment building Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson lived in during their short-lived engagement in 2018 is saying thank u, next and moving on to a new owner.

Ariana Grande's Former Condo at Zaha Hadid Sells

07/20/21   |

The apartment where pop star Ariana Grande and ex-fiancé Pete Davidson once lived has sold for roughly $12,000,000.

Ariana Grande's New York City Apartment Sells

07/20/21   |

The luxurious apartment building Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson lived in during their short-lived engagement in 2018 is saying thank u, next and moving on to a new owner.

Ariana Grande Former 16 Million Dollar Highline Apartment Sells

07/19/21   |   Off The Mrkt

The NYC apartment, located within the Zaha Hadid-designed building in NYC’s West Chelsea neighborhood at 520 West 28th Street, was once home to Ariana Grande (and her ex Pete Davidson) has sold to a new buyer and was last listed at $16M.

Ariana Grande Former Highline Condo Sells

07/15/21   |   NY Post

Grammy Award-winning songstress Ariana Grande’s former rental in a High Line condo is in contract and about to close.

Home Overpricing Trends

06/23/21   |

My biggest advice would be to hire an agent who is not going to upsell you an unrealistic price but rather provide data and figures that justify the price they’re suggesting,” Salem says. “We are on the field daily. Photos online are one thing, actually stepping foot in an apartment and seeing all the tiny details that make one sell or not sell at a certain price is another.

Five Things You Need to Know to Succeed in the Real Estate Industry

06/11/21   |

With his trademark combination of optimism, wit, and perseverance, Phillip Salem, also known as “Agent P,” is one of the most sought-after real estate agents in New York City.

We Crowdsourced Your New Year's Resolutions: Here's What 30 Real Estate Professionals Told Us

12/31/19   |   Inman

Real estate professionals from around the nation and beyond share their great ideas, noble goals and practical plans for 2020.

Why Real Estate Agents Hate Gray Living Rooms

12/24/19   |   Apartment Therapy

There was a time not too long ago when gray was all the rage in interior design.

The NYC Townhouse Where Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt Were Married Is Now for Sale

12/17/19   |   Apartment Therapy

This NYC townhouse dating back to the late 1800s is already filled with plenty of charm, but the significance escalates when you realize history was made under its very roof.

Elegant Upper East Side Co-op With Presidential Past Asks $2M

12/12/19   |   Curbed NY

It’s located at 6 East 76th Street, close to Central Park and near the 6 train at 77th Street.

22 Ways Real Estate Pros Are Showing Gratitude This Year

11/26/19   |   Inman

As we move into the holiday season, it’s time for many of us to think about how to give back to those who have made our year successful.

Brokers Weekly Asks: What Do You Wear to Show Apartments?

11/1/19   |   Real Estate Weekly

Coming from a background in the fashion industry, the majority of my clientele appreciates the fact that I am not the typical suit-and-tie agent.

Yes, Unfortunately, Your Pet Needs a Resume Now, Too

08/21/19   |   Apartment Therapy

One of my girlfriends recently finished a prestigious fellowship. She was refreshing her resume, launching her job search, and then began looking for rentals in San Francisco.

Finding the Right Manhattan Neighborhood to Start a Family

08/15/19   |   The NY Times - The Hunt

Luck and timing were with Nikki Millman when she bought a one-bedroom in a 1964 Greenwich Village co-op building. It was 2010, near the end of the recession.

Agent P Shares Tips for Sellers & Agents

06/29/19   |   The Real Deal

NYC Real Estate agent at @Triplemintnyc, shares his career journey and insights on how sellers and agents can successfully navigate the NYC real estate market.

What You Need to Know About Buying a NYC Apartment With a Private Swimming Pool

05/30/19   |   Brick Underground

what’s better than having a pool in your NYC building? Having a pool in your NYC apartment.

8 Super Smart Small Space Hacks, According to NYC Real Estate Agents

12/27/18   |   Apartment Therapy

New York City real estate agents, who are in and out of these small apartments all day long. Here, seven of the smartest real world small-space hacks these agents have ever seen.

Nomadic New Yorkers Alight on the Upper East Side

12/6/18   |   The NY Times

In search of less crowded schools and a quicker commute, a family trades Forest Hills for Lenox Hill, and begins their ‘gutsiest renovation’ yet.

How to Buy a Home Fast — Even Before the Holidays!

11/1/18   |

Need to know how to buy a home fast since you're hoping to be settled in before the holidays?

Data Reveals Cats More Welcome in City Apartments Than Dogs

10/15/18   |   MetroUS

Dogs are among the mostbeloved New Yorkers, butnew data shows that theirarchrivals may actually bemore welcome tenants inNYC apartments.

Where to Live in New York City: Tips to Find the Right Home

09/1/18   |

The general rule of thumb is that you can purchase a home that costs about three times your annual salary,

How Much Home Can You Afford in New York City?

09/1/18   |

The general rule of thumb is that you can purchase a home that costs about three times your annual salary.

Real Estate Regret Is Real — Avoid These Mistakes

07/28/18   |   Domino

What are these regrets, and how can you be sure you avoid them before taking the plunge?

The Real Estate Agent's Ultimate Closing Gift Guide

07/11/18   |   Inman

You work with your real estate clients for months on end, and every conversation and appointment is an opportunity to learn.

Don’t Let Your Business Dress Sense Go Out the Window in Summer

07/1/18   |   New York Post

You won’t find 31-year-old Phillip Salem going to work in a suit this summer. Or even in slacks and a button-down shirt.

What Does “Open Concept” Really Mean?

06/24/18   |   Apartment Therapy

One of the most sought-after features in real estate today is “open concept.” But, like many popular buzzwords, people seem to mean different things when they use it.

How to Look and Feel Comfortable in the Office This Summer

06/1/18   |   Ladders

Worried that you’re going to look like a hot sweaty mess at the office this summer?

High-rises vs. Brownstones

05/22/18   |

Owning a single-family home is the embodiment of the American Dream, and that was indeed the case in parts of New York City for over a century.

Mann Residential Agent Feature on Phillip Salem

01/6/18   |   Mann Report Residential

I made the decision to get into Real Estate after closing my fashion and retail business, OWEN.

Work With Phillip

Phillip deepened his passion for client relations, bringing his expertise in luxury retail to real estate with Compass. Phillip, constantly striving to go above and beyond, utilizes his extensive knowledge and trained instincts to create a smooth and memorable journey when finding or selling a home. Nothing brings him more happiness than fulfilling a client’s vision.

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