The convenient neighborhood for commuting to other parts of the city.

Welcome to Flatiron

A historic district with a modern finish.
In the mid-1990s, the Flatiron District was known for its commercial real estate. Offices, department stores, and big-box retailers dotted the avenues between Union Square and Madison Square Park.
With its central location, Flatiron is great for those who want a little bit of everything. Bustling daytime transit dissipates into relaxed evening strolls as Flatiron bends to be energetic when you want it, and peaceful when you don’t.

What to Expect

A convenient neighborhood close to Union Square and Midtown with plenty of options for public transportation.
Flatiron’s central location makes it a convenient neighborhood for commuting to other parts of the city. Union Square is a major hub for public transportation and other subways are within close walking distance.

The Lifestyle

Fast-paced during the day and on the weekends, anchored by Union Square and great dining. Relatively quiet and mellow at night.
By day, Flatiron is defined by the 9-to-5 hustle. The streets are packed with people on their way to work in one of the many office buildings in the neighborhood.

Unexpected Appeal

A quiet neighborhood free of foot traffic.
The streets of Flatiron can become fairly congested during the day and on the weekend. You might want to try and avoid the neighborhood if you’re averse to loud and busy foot and street traffic.

The Market

Pricey with very low vacancy rates. Luxury buildings with brand-new amenities, and a few walk-ups buildings.
Because Flatiron is predominantly a commercial neighborhood, there are fewer options for apartments than other places in the city. The neighborhood has a fair number of recently developed luxury buildings on Broadway, Park Avenue, and Fifth Avenue. They often come with all-inclusive gyms, rooftops, and doorman service, but also come with hefty price tags.

You'll Fall in Love With

Historic preservation in the middle of busy Manhattan.
Flatiron has grown from an industrial neighborhood centered around one major architectural landmark into a residential area teeming with historic significance and cultural pride.

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